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QUALITY: We have many customers with 20-plus-year-old water softeners. Most have not had any repairs. Why? We only sell high-quality water systems from established American-made manufacturers with the best technology available. The innovative modular design control valves on our water conditioners have very few moving parts, making service a breeze if needed. We only use the highest-quality resins and tanks that are built to last. The highest-quality water filtration systems have manufacturers’ lifetime warranties. This is the most popular water system for homeowners wanting a water softener for the long haul. Many customers do not realize that they can take their water system with them when they move. Most of our clients call us to move their water treatment system when they are about to move to a different home, and the only cost is for the installation. This is much less expensive than buying a new system every time you move to a new home. We have water softener systems with five or ten-year warranties for clients who still want quality but at a lower price. Does a hardware store water softener, with a one-year warranty, sound like a system that will last you very long? The largest manufacturers that supply equipment to the big-box stores are not “Made in the USA,” and some of the largest franchise companies have moved their manufacturing facilities overseas to save money. We replace these low-quality systems pretty frequently. Most people find out that the old adage “you get what you pay for” is so true.

How clean do you want the water to be? Most of our customers are also interested in filtering out the chlorine in the whole-house water because it can contribute to dry skin and hair. Water softeners remove hardness but not chlorine or other chemicals. You get more chlorine exposure from a shower than you do from drinking water, so whole-house water filtration systems with more layers of filtration are more in demand today. It’s important to compare apples to apples when selecting a system. Is the system just a water softener, or does it have more layers of filtering media? We can customize a system for you based on what level of water filtration you desire.

AFFORDABILTY: As a small business, we maintain a lower overhead cost than many of the larger water treatment dealers. Most dealers spend a lot of their time and revenue constantly recruiting new sales reps, and the marketing and management costs to run a dealership this way can only translate to higher prices for the consumer. We can sell for less because we do not pay salespeople on commission. Paying a lot more for a water treatment system does not guarantee you’re getting a better system or service. The cheapest water softener is not the best choice either, because you’ll likely spend a lot of money on repairs or replacement costs. Our company has systems to fit every budget. In addition, we have great financing options available, with low payments starting at around a dollar a day. We guarantee to beat or match all written offers from any water treatment dealer on similar equipment, with the same manufacturer’s warranty.

SERVICE: Service might be the most overlooked area customers consider when choosing a water treatment system. Most manufacturers’ warranties are on parts only. Labor costs are usually not included. It’s not a common occurrence that you’ll have a need for service, but we usually find out from talking to our clients that the problem they are experiencing can be rectified by them, without sending a serviceman out to the home. Many dealers either don’t have the time or desire to walk their customers through a self-diagnosis on the phone because they would rather make the profit from a service call. We will always try to help our clients first to determine if the equipment has a minor issue, such as a salt bridge, or something that’s easy to fix over the phone before sending a serviceman out. We have a minimum five-year labor warranty. Most of our competition does not provide this level of coverage without some type of loophole. Some dealers warranty the labor as free if you commit to spend money exclusively with them for filter changes, but all they are doing is inflating the cost of their filter replacement service. You’re actually paying for free labor in the inflated filter cost. It sounds like a good deal until you do the math. Most dealers run their service department where you only pay for service if you need it. This is much better for consumers since most high-quality systems don’t need service that often. Many times, sales reps neglect to talk about service because they are focused on the sale. What is the cost to repair the system if there’s a problem that requires a service call? Is there a labor warranty? Is there a trip charge? Can I replace the filters myself? How is the company’s service record? Is their warranty in writing? Our company can also provide service for most other brands of water treatment equipment. Every consumer should check out the company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

INSTALLATION: We will always survey the best place to install your water softener system for optimal performance. We will not cut corners on materials or workmanship to save a few bucks. We are disappointed that many of the water treatment systems in the field are installed improperly. Unfortunately, many companies place greater importance on a speedy installation than a quality job. You can rest assured knowing that we will professionally install your system, with your complete satisfaction as our number one priority. One month after installation we will set up a time to come back to test the water quality and to check the system’s performance. Most other water treatment companies do not schedule a follow-up visit, so it’s easier for a sub-standard installation to slip through the cracks.

TRUST: Everything we do is built on trust. Our customers are vitally important to our business. We believe in the golden rule, “to treat everybody the way we want to be treated.” A large part of our success is having a satisfied clientele. Happy customers refer their friends and family members. For your review, we have testimonial letters from our customers sharing their thoughts on the benefits our water treatment systems have made in their lives. Since we started our company two decades ago, we have relied on our customers to help us succeed. We are only able to do this by having the best-quality water treatment systems, coupled with great service at a price anyone can afford.

Experience: Since 1990 our family-owned business has provided Mo/Ks homeowners with high quality, affordable solutions to improve your water. We have the expertise on the best technologies for treating your water. We know what it takes to make you a happy customer.


Quality: We only use certified gold seal products from the WQA, or NSF approved products to insure you're getting independent 3rd party verification on all our systems. Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranties can't be beat. All our systems are "Made in the USA".


Installations: You can be assured of a professional installation by a licensed, insured company. All installs are completed by factory-trained installers that always respect you and your home. Our company generated checklist insures we cover everything from A-Z on all completed jobs.


Service: We schedule personal follow-up visits to all customers after every system is installed to insure your complete satisfaction. We stand behind our products. Prompt, honest service from a company you can feel confident will take care of you. We also service most other brands.


Communities Served: We service the following local areas: Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe, Lee Summit, Liberty, Parkville, Tonganoxie, Warrensburg, Basehor, Bonner Springs and surrounding areas.


Choices: As an independent dealer, not a franchise, we are not limited to one manufacturer, giving you more options to choose a system that fits your needs and budget. We will not be undersold!!


Financing: Low Monthly Investments mean you can enjoy any system now. Interest Free Plans also available.


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